AKVIS Coloriage

AKVIS Coloriage 12.5

Colorizes black and white digital images
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Adds color to sketch drawings, old photos shot in black and white or with a sepia effect. Performs selective colorization or desaturation of image areas and replaces colors.

AKVIS Coloriage was designed to help Windows users give color to their black and white pictures. The program also comes in handy if you want to easily replace a shade in a colored photo.
This tool is available as both a standalone application and a plugin for multiple image editors. The trial version of the program lets you test almost all of its functions and export your colored pictures once you finish altering them.

On the left side of the main screen you will find several editing options as well as the magnifying glass tool. The right side of the interface brings you the Color Library, a tool which helps you easily select the shades you need for your project.

Furthermore, you can compare the results with the original pictures and print the images directly from the app's interface.

However, I don't think this program is the best there is. First of all, it supports a small amount of image formats for both input and output (you can import GIF or PSD files). The application is also way too pricey considering that there are dozens of image editors that provide you with more features and are cheaper or even free.

Hence, I think you should look for a different image editor for your Windows PC.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Lets you easily compare the original image with the result
  • Allows you undo as many editing tasks as you like
  • You can print the results directly from the app's interface


  • Supports a small amount of image formats
  • Pricey
  • Provides you with minimum image editing options
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